Hi! I'm James Harper, Researcher, Engineer, and Educator. I provide comprehensive research, engineering, and education services that improve lives in low-resource communities around the world. I'm from the USA and currently live in Colorado with my wife, son, and dog.


Comprehensive research provides reliable results that can be used to make evidence-based impacts in the real world that improve peoples' lives.

"Get good research done and shared."

The research services I provide include:

  • Study design

  • Survey instrument development

  • Data analysis

  • Report, presentation, and video creation

  • Presentation performance

  • Report-to-journal-article conversion based on science communication principles

  • Editing for content and English language

My topic specialties include:

  • Behavior and decision-making (household and individual)

  • Preferences and willingness to pay for products and product attributes (e.g., discrete choice experiments)

  • Sanitation, water and power production

  • Global engineering


The right infrastructure must be constructed for a given context, but that infrastructure must also be constructed right.

The engineering services I provide include:

  • Complete engineering, including conceptualization, design, analysis, construction management and maintenance management, of...

    • Water treatment systems (community- or household-scale)

    • Sanitation systems, including onsite (e.g., pit latrines), community-scale, schools, and off-site fecal sludge treatment facilities

    • Housing and general building construction, including earthquake-resistant designs

    • Solar and wind power systems

  • Visualizations (e.g., CAD)

  • Report, presentation and video creation

  • Presentation performance


Knowledge is necessary to affect change but must be supported by experience-based confidence in applying that knowledge.

The education services I provide include:

  • Project-based engineering education for K-12 and university-level students with a focus on impactful science and math, including...

    • Environmentally friendly design (e.g., Earth Bench)

    • Computer programming with web-based interfaces, sensors and mechatronics

  • Science and math for K-12 at any level

  • Curriculum development and review

  • Speaking about my experiences as a researcher or engineer

Please contact me to enquire about my services or collaborating with me.

Discounted rates and pro bono services available for customers from low-resource communities.